Student Life

Daily routine at LMA is often quite unique to each of our students. Students and educators work together to develop individualized programs that best work to overcome specific challenges.

Classrooms are not grade specific, which gives students the opportunity to progress at their own pace, plus allows them to interact with others at various grade levels.

Special accommodations. Students and teachers work closely together to create a curriculum that best works to help with the learning process, such as specialized equipment, quiet study zones, and one-on-one teaching sessions.

Student council. Students are encouraged to gain leadership skills by joining student council. Student council organizes community service events, sporting events, spirit days and holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Parents and students can keep track of current classroom activities by visiting our teachers' individual web pages, found here.


“At LMA I have a feeling of respect, the chance to learn, and kind friends and teachers.”


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LMA is a regional resource and the only dedicated school in West Michigan to educate students with learning disabilities.