Who We Are

From Humble Beginnings

to an Exceptional Future

Chuck Stoddard and John Lowe began talking to each other while at the airport to see their kids off to a school out east for children with learning disabilities. In 1984, this conversation grew and a group of six parents, including Stoddard and Lowe, all of whom had children with learning disabilities, decided to open a school that would provide an environment in which their children could learn. They pooled their knowledge and financial resources, hired a teacher, ordered books and supplies, and rented classroom space. The doors of Lake Michigan Academy opened in September of 1985.

Lake Michigan Academy was founded with the stated purpose of rebuilding the often tattered self-esteem of children with learning disabilities, and improving their academic skills through a specialized and personalized instructional curriculum.

Lake Michigan Academy has grown significantly over the years. Initially, the school served five students. By the end of the second year, enrollment had grown to sixteen students. A high school program was added as enrollment continued to grow and as our middle school students progressed successfully through the grades.

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.”


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LMA is a regional resource and the only dedicated school in West Michigan to educate students with learning disabilities.